Jackman Media, new innovative and creative concepts for visual Communications.

  • [ NEW ] Branded Video streaming, editing, Video Hosting hosting video for your website, SEO Compliant, video email marketing, and video biz cards
  • Manufactures of front and rear projection screens and wall screen surfaces
  • Designs and Installs AV systems and components
  • AV Consultants for home theater, road warrior presentations, digital signage, church multimedia. corporate ID, video tradeshow booths and displays, themed projected images and video.
  • New Content creation and new concepts
Jackman Media™ is to Video... what Dolby™ is to sound...

Jackman Media™ Format uses multiple displays in a virtual view from a single HD/3D ready digital source, on flat panel displays, or projection, creating a new visual experience by maximizing features and technique, and running equipment close to the edge of their limitations, then combining different elements of the presentation, like: Uncommon aspect ratios 32:9 frameless and vertical screens combined to create a virtual view, placement, perspective on 2 planes and capture angles relative to the viewer, to produce stunning real world presentations, that will draw and engage today's discriminating viewers. If they are not Drawn, they won't Engage!

Many of the concepts will stand alone for use in traditional presentations as well as Jackman Media™ format, and will be discussed in the Jackman Media™ Blogs and opt in email newsletters, as well as described in this website. Applications in several industries ranging from, but not limited to: Feature Film, Documentaries, Indy Film, Digital Signage, Education, Advertising, Church Multimedia, Home Theater, Themed Retail venues, Architectural integration, Tradeshow displays and side shows, Live Theater and TV stage sets, and video environment projections like Fireplaces, Aquariums, Clocks, waterfalls, and Corporate ID.

Jackman Media is:

  • An Authorized Dealer for BenQ Video Projectors
  • Manufactures "Shark Screens™"
  • installs turn key systems and high performance front projection video display screen surfaces, 3d ready, and add suround sound for the ultimate viewing experience.
  • Consultants For Jackman Media ™ format and traditional turnkey production and display.
  • Digital Signage Article "What is this new thing called Digital Signage?"

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